One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well

Surrounded by exquisite aromas, we bring you authentic flavours that will tempt you with handpicked traditional dishes on one side, balancing with international taste on the other.
All of this and more at our beautifully decorated in-house restaurant where our chefs combine taste, texture, form and colours of the foods at the highest level and in perfect harmony.

Finest dishes at The Wazwan

Drink & Dine


Known for local hospitality around the World, Kargil is also home to many cultures which brings forth a range of flavours and aromas from the kitchen to the table. We give you a taste of all the long established dishes, cooked in traditional manner with locally sourced spices to match the age-old taste. Be it the local tea, Yakni Pulao or Saffron Kheer, we bring you excellent local cuisine with a unique ambience to fall for. Rich with colours, flavours, rare herbs and exotic spices, we have truly redefined standards to ensure you relish every flavour to its fullest.


We are organic and apart from sourcing fresh produce from the local vendors, we have our own backyard where you can enjoy fresh plucks, straight from the tree. Apricots, apples, grapes, etc along with fresh mint and vegetables is what we bring forth to your table. Since apricots are Kargil’s very own gem, we bring you a lot of juices and drinks that perfectly blend the right taste of the fruit with the tanginess of other ingredients to let you enjoy the local flavours at its best. Not just this, we also bring you a diverse menu to choose from.


We take pride in serving some of the most admired dishes in the world to fill you with food and flavours. Fresh preparations, exquisite aromas, clean kitchens and unique ambience, our team pamper you with some of our specialities which they prepare infusing the right ingredients, herbs and spices. Be it butter chicken, flavourful biryani or the desserts that we all look forward to, we showcase both Indian and Continental delicacies to take your culinary experience to another level with exciting concepts and dining delights. We also give you a cozy outdoor seating where you may spend some quiet time with your coffee.