Hotel Policies

Bookings & Check-ins

  • A valid photo identity card is required at the time of check-in or direct bookings and the hotel reserves the right to cancel reservations if the same is not shown by the guests. Foreign nationals are requested to carry their original passports and valid VISA.

  • Any IDs without photo will not be accepted as valid identity proof such as PAN Card (valid for Indian nationals).

Safety (Covid Protocols)

While we enter the new world with decreasing covid cases, we still believe in following protocols.

  • All guests would be required to show covid vaccination certificate at the time of check-in.

  • Any person with symptoms such as cold, cough, fever, etc. may not be allowed to enter the premises and the hotel reserve the right to cancel bookings if see it necessary for the well being of the hotel staff and the guests.

  • Our entire staff is vaccinated and we ensure regular sanitization of the property from time to time to have hygienic premises.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy

  • Booking via online portals are subject to change basis the availability at the hotel. This usually doesn’t happen but owing to technical glitches, at times, the status may not reflect on the online platforms and hence we request guests to kindly confirm the same at the hotel reception before travelling.

  • Advances are requested to confirm the bookings and hence the same shall be requested at the time of reservations with 100% payment before check-in.

  • In case of any cancellation or amendments, please notify the Hotel at least 15 days prior from the date of arrival. A non-arrival of the guest will be treated as No-show and retention charge equivalent to one night room tariff with applicable taxes will be levied for such No-show.

  • No refund shall be entertained up 15 days prior of arrival date cancellation.

  • Applicable government taxes shall be levied from time to time.

  • Room tariffs are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Rooms shall be retained for guest till 1800 hours unless specified otherwise. Beyond which the room shall be released, and a No-show clause shall be applicable.

  • Please note that as per Income Tax guidelines, any transaction of more than INR 25,000 in cash and INR 100,000 through Credit Card needs to be supported with valid PAN Card number.

Image Licensing

  • Hotel The Kargil hold copyright to all the images used on the website and the IPR lies with Karamjeet Singh (

  • Any entity (individual or business) cannot use the images in any form whatsoever and the hotel reserves the right to take legal action against those found using the images in any form, print or digital.